You can add fields on to the service request forms. The following steps show you how to add a Severity field to the Bug service that keeps track of bugs in software products.

1. Go to Services, create a new service called "Bug".

2. Select the Bug service on the left service tree. Select the Fields and click the New Field command to add a new field. Select Built-in Lookup Field 1 for the new Severity field. After you have saved the new field, click the Values link to enter allowed values.

3. Select the Actions tab. Click the "Copy Inherited Actions" command on the tool bar. This way, the new service Bug has its own list of actions so that you can change their forms. Click the Fields link of the Submit Request action. Edit the field to position it on the form. Keep in mind that if you don't see the Fields command for the actions, you have not copied actions from the parent service.

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