To customize the notification emails, you can go to Admin, Email, Email Templates. Users can reply to notification emails. nService can import these replies into the original service requests. How does nService know which service request a reply is for?

By default, it looks for "service request #number" and extracts the number from the subject line. You can customize the notification email subject lines. For example, you may have a subject line template like this:

  Your email has been received and saved as help desk inquiry #{srID}

To tell nService how to extract the number from this, you provide a regular expression. You can open up dbo.ns4_registry table in Edit mode in SQL Server Management Studio and add a new record.

System, Settings, EmailSubjectSrID_RegExpr, \bhelp desk inquiry #\d+

After the new record is inserted, you must go to IIS Manager and restart the application pool hosting nService so that it can pick up the new setting.
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