You can add certain settings to the ns4_registry table to change certain behavior of nService. For example, to retrieve only the main email address from your Active Directory, add this row to ns4_registry table using SQL Server Management Studio:

System, Settings, RetrieveAllEmailAddressesFromLdap, no

Edit nService Registry

You need to restart the IIS Application Pool that hosts nService in order for the new setting to take effect. The following is a list of such configuration settings.

EmailBody_RegExprSet this to a regular expression to remove strings you don't want from the email body before nService saves it to the request history. You can use to design your regex string.
RetrieveAllEmailAddressesFromLdapUsers in Active Directory may have multiple email addresses. To retrieving all of them, set this to no.
SendToFirstEmailAddressOnlySet this to yes if you want to send notification email to the first email address of users who have multiple email addresses.
SkipServiceForEndUserSet this to yes if you don't want the end users to select a service when they submit a service request.
MaskedPop3ErrorsErrors such as "A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time" when receiving email some times get too annoying. To stop nService from sending a type of email, put the key phrase in to this registry key. For example, for the above error, set the value to connected party did not properly respond. You can put multiple comma delimited phrases in this key.
TechnicianTimeoutnService terminates a technician's session if it exceeds this limit in minutes.
AutoReplyKeywordsDefault is autoreply:,Auto Response;. A comma delimited list of words or phrase that nService uses to match the subject line of an incoming email to determine if it is an auto reply. If yes, nService would import it but would not generate any notification email.
SuppressNotificationToActionTakerDefault is no. If set to yes, notifications to the person who took the action are suppressed. For example, if you assign a request to yourself, you won't receive a notification.
BackToListAfterClosingSrDefault is no. If set to yes, after you close a request, you will see the tabular report result instead of the detail page of the closed request.
AllowTechHtmlSrNote[4.35] Default is no. If set to yes, technicians can enter HTML text into service request notes.
MarkSrNotesBilledDefault is no. If set to yes, running a billing report would mark the request history records billed so that they don't get included in another billing report.
MapOfficeToOrgOnUsrImportDefault is no. If set to yes, the "physicalDeliveryOfficeName" attribute in Active Directory is translated to organization name in nService.
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