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You can order online, or fill out and fax us this order form. Please prepay your order by credit card, check, or fund transfer. You only need to order either a Software Subscription or a Perpetual License, not both.



nService Software Subscription US$ 60 per Year per Technician
nService Perpetual License US$ 300 per Technician
Basic Annual Support
for Perpetual Licenses
US$ 300 / Year
Consulting Service US$ 100 / Hour

What is a Technician?

A technician is someone who provides services to other users. nService allows unlimited number of end users. Pricing is based on the number of technicians.

Software Subscription vs Perpetual License

Subscriptions are purchased once and renewed every year. Support and upgrades are included. Perpetual licenses are purchased once and don't need to be renewed. Support and upgrades need to be purchased separately.

Basic Annual Support for Perpetual Licenses

Basic Annual Support entitles you email support for 20 incidents and free upgrades. It needs to be renewed annually. You don't need to purchase support for nService Software Subscription.


FRENCH: J utilise ce software depuis sa création, les mises a jour sont régulières et l'application est tres stable. On y trouve toutes les fonctionnalités pour manager un support de haute qualité. l'ergonomie de nService facilite son utilisation. Tout ceci ne serait rien sans la qualité de service d'une equipe tres réactive. MERCI ! ENGLISH: I use this software since its creation. It is very stable and very easy to use. It has everthing we need to provide high quality support to our customers.