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Preparing SQL Server for nService

Download from Avensoft | Download from MS Web Application Gallery
1. Download SQL Server
If you don't have SQL Server, you can download it here . Make sure you download the one with management tools.
2. Switch to SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode
The installer uses a database account to create the nService4 database. If your SQL Server uses Windows Integrated Authentication, the installer will fail to create the nService4 database.
3. Enable the "sa" account and set a password
If your SQL Server previously used Windows Integrated Authentication, the "sa" account is disabled. Please enable it. Also make sure it has a password. Otherwise the Installer would not continue.
4. Switch back to Windows Integrated Authentication
After nService is installed, if you'd like, you can switch back to Windows Integrated Authentication. If you do that, make sure you modify database connection string in nService4/web.config. Replace the "User ID=... Password=..." with "Trusted_Connection=Yes".