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Download nService from MS Web Application Gallery

SQL Server Preparation | Download from Avensoft
It is the easiest to install nService on Windows 2003 or newer using the Web Platform Installer. This installer may seem a bit too slow depending on the speed of your computer. Please be patient to let it complete. If you are familiar with IIS and SQL Server, you can install nService manually quickly.
1. Prepare Your MS SQL Server Database
The installer will create a new database using the "sa" account. You need to configure your SQL Server to allow SQL Server authentication. In addition, you need to make sure the "sa" database administrator account is enabled and has a non-blank password. If you don't have SQL Server or don't know how to do the above, click here.
2. Install nService using Microsoft Web Platform Installer
https://webgallery.microsoft.com/apps/nService. By default, it installs nService on Web Matrix and the local SQL Express. To install nService on your IIS or your own database server, click the Options button.
3. Request a trial license
Without a license, nService allows one technician and unlimited end users. To request a trial license that allows multiple concurrent technicians, send an email to sales5@avensoft.com.
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